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The great and mysterious They (you know the ones, they're always saying something) declare (rather smugly) that it's better to give than receive. Perhaps. But isn't it even better to both give AND receive?

I thought so.

Here's an example of how the "one for you, one for me" shopping plan might look. Not that I would know or anything. Ahem.

Your charming younger cousin is always perfectly turned out. Rarely being perfectly turned out yourself, you hesitate to buy her something she would...not scoff at, she's too polite, but perhaps toss in a drawer, never to see the light of day again. Nixing jewelry, clothing, saucy hats and rubber boots. Lip gloss - maybe. But lip gloss is so subjective. There are so many options. Most of which are bound to be too sticky, glossy, garishly colored...or not sticky, glossy, garishly colored enough. So... how about bath paraphernalia? Barring the ever-tacky fistful of cash, that might be the best option.

Prime disseminator of tasty bath products, Philosophy's special blends don't instill the fear of "what if she doesn't take bubble baths?" because these suckers are bubble bath, bath gel and shampoo all in one. Oh yes. And everyone bathes and washes their hair. Well, most of everyone, and certainly the well-turned out cousin.

My seasonal favorite is Philosophy's double rich hot cocoa. What could be more decadent than sudsing up with something that smells just like hot chocolate? (Though it doesn't work so well as shampoo and I found it disturbing to loll about in brown bath water, it's still just delicious as bath gel, therefore....) Buy one of these for me ($16)...

...and one of these for the cousin. Philosophy's Ski House gift box comes with hot cocoa bath/body/shampoo goo, marshmallow body souffle and peppermint lipshine ($35). She will love it. So will virtually any woman who bathes.

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