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Post-Turkey Overload: Day 1

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Thanksgiving has an evil way of insinuating itself far past the designated borders of the official Day. Eating habits of the Shove Whatever You Want Into Your Wide-Open Maw persuasion find themselves happily ensconced in your routine not just on the day, but through the entire weekend. Or at least until the leftovers are gone and, when searched, your cupboards cough up only dry cous cous.

The Monday after Thanksgiving, otherwise known as the Day of Reckoning, is a harsh mistress to those of us who are genetically incapable of turning down a (fifth) slice of pecan pie. So there will be a new tip every day this week to help you face your mirror - and soon your scale - with equanimity.

Day One

Is it too much to expect that eating one salad will make you drop an instant five pounds? That would be a resounding "yes." I've tried. It doesn't work. A few extra salads and a few extra walks aren't really going to make themselves known in your hips for a week or so. In the mean time, find something roomy to wear. Don't resort to a muumuu (trust me, you'll only feel worse), but do find something that skims your body while leaving that cornbread stuffing a little extra room to breathe. (Before you suffocate the ever-loving life out of it in Pilates.)

Lucky ladies with a designer budget should check out this Chloe ruched silk mini-dress ($3,410). Yes, mini-dress seems counter intuitive at this point, but never underestimate the power of black tights and chunky mary-janes to make even mashed potatoes-stuffed legs appear slender and miles long.

A shirt dress never fails. Keep the tights and maryjanes and throw on this Nili Lotan shirt dress with white piping ($475). Self-esteem enhancing style and plenty of room for those three (fine, five) extra pieces of pumpkin pie are yours once again.

Black is always slimming, but sometimes a blustery day calls for a little color. So try this cheerful red kimono-style dress from Max Studio ($138). Sleeves drape gracefully to your elbow and the high-waisted skirt flows over your thighs. (Thank god.)

But don't go getting all cocky just cause you look so good. No more pie for you. At least not with fresh whipped cream. (It's the cream that adds all the calories. Really.)

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