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Feeding a fuzzy chinchilla can sometimes net you an Anthropologie gift certificate. Which is awesome. Until you have to decide what to buy with your gift certificate because, sadly, the gift certificate will not buy you everything in the store. I have narrowed it down to two options. I would ask for input but, as the comments seem to be very reluctant to allow people to comment, that might be a failing endeavor. So I will throw this into the internet void and see if any convenient bolts of lightning aid me in my decision.

1. Purple jersey dress that I don't really need but looks smashing on and would be oh-so-useful in that dress it up for parties, dress it down for work sort of way.

2. Gold leather handbag that I've had my beady little eye on for quite awhile now. I need a new purse because my old purse, while cute, is covered in sticky grape juice. No, I don't have a toddler, I'm just a klutz.

We all know what's going to happen, right? I'll somehow manage to justify both purchases. Totally failing in both the "save money" and the "be responsible" sectors.

[Edit: I bought the purse. The purse was severely on sale. Yesterday, it cost $198. Today, it was $76. Yes, Virginia, timing is everything. So now I can justify buying the dress as well, right? RIGHT?]

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