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In honor of the weekend and my hopes to soon be parked in front of the TV, whiling away my youth by staring at movies, I offer you a little '50s glamor for your evening of drinking champagne and eating lobster. You are planning to drink champagne and eat lobster, right? You're not planning to stare blank-eyed at movies like me, right? Excellent. We shall proceed.

Most girls spent some portion of their formative years wishing to be a movie star, a European princess, or preparing master plans to snag Clark Gable. (If you were a tree climber whose fondest dream was to become a firefighter, you probably aren't reading this blog. I spend a lot of time on lip gloss and shoes.) Grace Kelly is possibly the only woman in history to nab Clark, movie stardom and a tiara. Having one of the most infamous and enduring It Bags named in her honor is just icing on the Impossible Dream Cake. I can't hand you Clark Gable (nor would I want to, the dude is dead and you don't want to be going there), but I can find a Grace-like outfit for you.

Billowing skirts of the nip-waisted variety can be found at Posh Girl Vintage, the first place I search for '50s stylin'. This double strap evening dress with chiffon overlay can be found here. If some retroista with a fast internet connection nabs your find, just keep clicking - the site is full of gems and is restocked regularly.

Hollywood glamor in feathers is a stellar way to set yourself apart in a crowd. Toss the white marabou stole over your shoulders (which you can find here) and prepare to have doors opened as you sweep past and drinks placed in your delicate fingers all evening.

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