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Bargains I would be browsing right this very moment, had I not cut myself off the shopping. In an (undoubtedly futile) effort to have one of those savings account things. I'm still not entirely sure on the concept of a savings account, but I'm educating myself.

I found this Kenneth Cole tote for 30 percent off at Nordstrom's half yearly sale. I love the warm leather and simple detail. This would be a good year-round everyday type of bag. Just the type of bag I need.... (Stop! Stop! Bangs head on desk and sits on hands to keep them from reaching into highly inferior purse for credit card.)

Mighty Flirt is one of my favorite sites for separates and dresses that no one else is going to have. Right now, you can get 25 percent off with the code DCFlirt. (Found at Delight. Many more good bargains, so take a look.)

Check out this week's Bargains Roundup at Knickers Blog. Because we all know that I am the queen of cheap bras.

Scamper off to peruse. And please excuse me while I sit in the corner and look bitter.

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