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Would You Like Some Miu Miu with Your Humble Pie?

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In honor of this week's mispronunciation of "Miu Miu" in front of someone I would rather have impressed with my knowledge than filled with a vague sense of pity ("Poor girl...she thinks Miu Miu is pronounced "moo moo"), I present to you three pairs of Miu Miu shoes - all on sale.

Eggshell white ballet flats (on sale at Bluefly for $174) are just the thing for dashing out for your vanilla latte before settling back with Harper's Bazaar or, you know, a book. One with a distressing lack of shiny pictures.

Espadrilles may be a wee bit summery, so you could stash these ankle-strap wedges (Bluefly for $237) in your closet for May, or you could saunter out on the town. Your legs will look so hot no one will even notice a little seasonal dysfunction.

Or, if you simply must succumb to the vagaries of the weather, try these tall brown shearling boots (Bluefly for $390) with tucked-in skinny jeans and an oversize cashmere sweater.


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