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How to Lose That Last 5 (Fine, 7) Pounds: Part II

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When a bowl of inconveniently placed Halloween candy resurrects that loathsome holiday in your oh-so-prone-to-temptation psyche, don't let a few slips (say, 7 mini baby ruths and 5 mini butterfingers) push you into dropping your efforts all together. Nor should you tell yourself, "Not to worry, self. We'll just walk up stairs to burn the calories - for an hour and a half." You know you won't do it, and you'll just be discouraged.

In the face of minor setbacks, simply put yourself back in the game as soon as possible. Spend a little extra time on the stairs and then recommit yourself to the smaller portions and one cookie instead of, say, 17.

(Refresh your memory with tips 1 and 2 here.)

Tip 3: Drink water

Drink water like it contains extra IQ points, the key to world peace, and a pair of red patent Manolos. Seriously. Lots of water will freshen your skin, ease your hangovers, and help keep the pounds off.

Tip 3: Invest in a good Pilates or Yoga DVD

I recommend this one and this one. I use this one most often, as it's a quick 15 minute work-out that even the most dedicated slug-a-bed (me) can do before work in the morning. Starting out the morning with a short workout (key word being "short") will get you in the right frame of mind to drink the water, watch the cookies, and fit into those damnable skinny jeans that don't seem to be going away.


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