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Confession: These are only bargains if you have a few oil fields out in Texas somewhere. Big ones. But Bergdorf and Neiman are both having sales, and I feel honor-bound to paw through the goods and present my favorites. (This is a reasonably good insight into my shopping psyche. Shoes - lots of them! One favorite bag. A token piece of jewelry. No clothes whatsoever. Obviously, if given my choice, I would prance around naked wearing only high heels.)


Practical, no. Gorgeous, yes. Chances are, if you're buying Prada leopard platform maryjanes you aren't terribly concerned with practical. Wonderful accent to a black wrap dress or a jean skirt and simple white top.

One day, I will own a pair of Christian Louboutin heels. Even if that day only appears on my imaginary calendar. Until then, I will force you all to look at as many as I can find. Hence, the Christian Louboutin perforated suede wedge.

I love the shape of the Delman suede maryjane. Sculpted and classic, this shoe would do you for years - unless you trekked through ten feet of snow. Snow isn't good for suede.

I knew that as soon as I plunked down my credit card for some ballerina flats, I would find a whole host of styles I preferred. And so it was. The Delman corduroy ballerina flat is a lovely specimen.

Bags (more accurately: Bag)

Oh, Edith, how I love thee. This Chloe Edith satchel is far up on my covet list.


Elegant without being department store stodgy, the Stephen Dweck pink rope earrings make me want to violate the Treaty of Plastic Glasses. As in, don't wear earrings with the glasses, lest you resemble a Christmas tree.

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