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Post-Turkey Overload: Day 4

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You look pretty. You're thinking about maybe eating a salad this week. Hence, you are ready for...

Day Four

Shut up and stop worrying.

This is mainly for me, but since you're here, you get to hear it too. A few extra pounds do not a crisis make. Unless it's seriously affecting your health. (In which case, get thee to a doctor.) Otherwise, aside from developing good habits, you have better things to do with your time than obsess about the donut. Like knitting animatronic weasels or catching up on back issues of Boy's Life.

In the end, a few extra pounds registers absolute zero on the This Matters scale. It's far more important that you enjoy yourself. So go do something that makes you happy. Hedge: that doesn't mean stuff your gullet with 16 deep fried twinkies. I was thinking more along the lines of reading a good book with some tea or watching your favorite movie.

Go ahead. I'll wait.

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