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Post-Turkey Overload: Day 3

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Thanksgiving is over, my friends. Has been for nearly a week. Time to quit stalling and get off the couch. I hate that part of getting in shape, the one that requires getting off the couch. I walked to work today, I went to a dance class yesterday - probably burning off about three bites of pecan pie in the process. I am unfazed. An object in motion stays in motion, just as an object in sloth stays on the couch, happily watching reruns and burping Cheetos.

Sorry. The Cheetos burping may have been unnecessary.

Day Three

Get off the couch. Which I guess means you need to read this on the treadmill. (Or on the bus. I've never personally been on a treadmill so recommending it to you would make me a dirty hypocrite.)

Mireille Guiliano's French Women Don't Get Fat has practical eating advice that includes chocolate. What more could you want from a diet book? French Women for all Seasons promises similar advice for the upcoming Season o' Gluttony.

Confession: This review officially sucks because I haven't actually read the book yet. It's sitting on my night stand, but I suspect that doesn't count. At least not in the world of legitimate journalism. Luckily, I never claimed to be a legitimate journalist. Instead, I will flip through the book and share my findings.

Main holiday advice from Madame Guiliano: think about everything you put into your mouth. Take walks. Also, eat oysters.

If you're like me, you need something solid to launch you out of glutton mode. By solid, I don't mean fruitcake. December means parties, and parties mean fitting into those party dresses. Staying healthy and keeping your mitts off all the holiday crap people bring into work is mostly about being in the right frame of mind. This book can you get there. (Maybe reread a few chapters toward the end of December, when the real feasting begins. It will help, trust me.)

So take a gander at this book and then take a walk. Nothing long, don't climb any mountains, but get yourself into the forward moving frame of mind. Oh, how you will feel better. Just by getting those little legs moving. Move, legs! Move!

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