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Post-Turkey Overload: Day 2

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I don't know why my self-esteem suddenly rises when my lips are a different color. Shouldn't my self-worth be based on, I don't know, stunning generosity or a Nobel Prize? Apparently not. It's boosted inexplicably upward by the application of lipstick. I am shallow. (Therefore...)

Day Two

Wear lipstick.

I kid you not. That is my advice. Treacherous thighs still not smaller, even with a breakfast of grapenuts? Distract, distract, distract. Put some color on your face and you immediately feel, if not thinner, at least hotter.

My next lipstick purchase will be Clinique Different Lipstick in Angel Red. I hear it's good stuff, though I can't provide a solid review just yet. But when do I ever? I gleefully post Manolos without ever having been in the same room with one.

My personal favorite red is Smashbox's Deep Red. Start with some gloss or a layer of Benetint (helps lips stay red even through six cups of coffee) and gaze at your lovely face in the mirror as long as you please. Just keep your eyes above the neck.

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