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You tend to crave what you need. I say this every time I find myself eating a handful of chocolate chips with no recollection of even walking into the kitchen. Every year, toward the end of September, I begin craving sweaters. One could walk into my closet, look around and argue that I don't need any sweaters, I couldn't be craving sweaters, because all I need to do is pick one off the shelf.

Luckily, no one is ever foolhardy enough to attempt this argument.

My yearly hunt for the sweater has begun. I found one at Anthropologie that keeps pulling me into its seductive force field:

You can investigate the funnelneck cardigan ($198) for yourself here. I love the asymmetrical design and random button holes where no button holes should be. Though one could argue that a creamy sweater worn during the season of cranberry sauce and giblet gravy is a mistake, my preference is for the pale oatmeal color they have in the store.

But you all know better than to attempt to reason with a girl in the throes of sweater cravings.

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