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Since beginning this exercise in consumptive consumer consumption of the costly kind, I had been corrupting people. Well, two people. It's a start. A friend told me awhile ago that she ordered something from Posh Girl Vintage. Today, I got an email from another friend telling me she bought shoes from Overstock and purchased a Fussy shirt.

My heart sings. I'm a bad influence and I LOVE IT.

So here I am, planning to corrupt you all once again. By requesting that you take a gander at this:

This hand-tooled high heel is a remake of a 1940s style from Remix Vintage Shoes. As one who loves vintage shoes, but 1. Can never find them in size 9 (apparently, no woman was large enough to need a size 9 until around 1983), 2. They're always falling apart and/or super expensive.

These are also super expensive, but aren't your feet worth it? (Mine aren't. But yours may be. Take a picture for me.)

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