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I bought two pairs of white flip flops for my impending vacation. Day flip flops and evening flip flops. I'm totally serious. One pair is plastic, the other has sequins. Feel free to laugh at me now.

Yes, I admit it. When I heard I was getting a totally undeserved vacation here:

I didn't begin researching local history or investigating the best places for local cuisine. I began wondering what shoes I would bring. I dreamt of kitten heels and cork wedges, sandals and saucy flowered flip flops. Then reality set in and I realized that 12 pairs of shoes were neither affordable nor packable.

This is all to say that Moose in the Closet is taking a two-week hiatus. I may be updating my other blog, Moose in the Kitchen, but I probably will not be updating this one. So, talk amongst yourselves, laugh at my glitter evening flip flops, and check back in two weeks.

Happy shopping!

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