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Resembling a Grownup at Work

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I'm lazy. I'll be the first to admit this. I loves me the clothes, but I'm also too late getting out of bed in the morning to do more than throw on the first t-shirt in the pile. I always look like a college student whose collection of staples is none too adventurous.

In the spirit of learning how to dress like a grownup (don't worry, I won't actually do it), I poked around ye olde internet for inspiration. My inspiration seemed to come in the form of Grownups Don't Wear Color. Perhaps I will remedy that tomorrow. For now, here's a nice little tailored outfit that I will never be seen in. Lovely though it is.

Wouldn't that skirt and little cashmere sweater look great with a pair of high black boots? I thought so too. Both from blue fly.

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