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Most Recent Purchase: Of the "Please Don't Break Out Again, For The Love of God" Variety

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I decided long ago that I would pay anything for any product if it would keep my skin from exploding with red blistering malice. Because red blistering malice is really quite unattractive. What price vanity, eh? I found a few things that are of medium dollar spendage. Not drugstore cheap but not the typical salon baby's-going-without-shoes gouge. Kiehl's and Origins are favorites. Especially this:

Oh, blue herbal moisturizer, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

1. It doesn't make me break out. When you're praying to the Patron Saint of Lepers for some relief, this is essential.
2. It leaves everything matte and non-oily, but not dry.
3. It's got cinnamon. I like cinnamon.
4. In short, it lets you pretend, at least for awhile, that you have a reasonable complexion.

I recently got tempted into cheapass mode by the fact that my face had been well-behaved. This was a mistake. There are times to be cheap. Anything involving zits is not one of them.

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