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Someone's Wallet Is Much Thinner Now

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In spite of the rampant consumerism I am perpetuating on this very site, practicality is embedded in my DNA. My grandmother, alive during the Depression, never purchased anything at full price. That thrifty gene is alive today and makes me hanker for sales. Even if I do actually need whatever I'm buying, I sometimes feel bad for spending the money - feeling that perhaps I should instead donate it to a more worthy cause than myself. That thought rarely makes its way past the preliminary stages, so don't be impressed.

Even if I had unlimited amounts of money to spend on this stuff, I think I would still hesitate to spend the $4,000 that Vogue seems to think reasonable for a purse. Wouldn't a $200 purse be just as nice? And still a tad bit expensive for a purse? Ross only charges $30.

But who am I to understand the pressures of socialites? Keeping up with the Van Muffingtons and all. Must be tiring. Lots of shopping to be done. About those Ross purchases: I am also feeling that I should start buying with an eye to quality rather than cheapskateness. I tentatively broached this new thought pattern with a gift for Mr. Moose. I wanted to replace the ratty wallet that has inhabited his back pocket for the last decade. I decided that if my Christmas gift was to last the next decade, I should buy a good one.

After pawing the leather at Coach everything else just felt wrong. So I spent more money on his wallet than I've spent on most of my coats.

And it is certifiably gorgeous. I am now grabbing his ass as much to fondle the wallet as to, well, grab his ass. All I can say about the wallet and attendant credit card bill: That sucker better last.

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