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I used to mock the women who flounced past me in pointy shoes and perfectly applied makeup when I was still in my flannel pajama bottoms at noon and my lips hadn't seen color in two months. I still mock on occasion, but now with a growing sense of kinship. I wear lipstick these days. I own multiple pairs of red shoes. I shop for clothes more than once every two years. I have embraced girliness in all its glory. Betty Friedan would beat me down if she spied me in the grocery store.

Or perhaps not. Just because I own dresses doesn't mean I've become less lazy. My standard uniform is still Old Navy jeans, brown Docs and t-shirts of varying motifs. Today was Animal of Muppets fame. But I am not always slovenly. This site is dedicated to those rare occasions when the glitter come out, the wardrobe is plundered, the delicate hooves are shoved into tall red shoes, and the Moose looks fabulous.

You can be fabulous here, too. I won't tell anyone that you're really gazing glaze-eyed at your computer in those flannel pajama bottoms.

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