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I Would Wear This To The Grocery Store If I Could

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This is a dress I would be tempted to wear to work, to the minimart, to the dog park. It's that lovely. I may even have an excuse to buy a dress this fabulous and feel no guilt whatsoever. Considering that I feel pangs when buying myself a latte, that's saying something.

Miss (soon to be Mrs.) Hamsterish is getting married in July. I will be holding her lipstick and snatching the microphone away from drunken wedding guests. As is expected for these wedding things, her other bridesmaids and I need dresses. Dresses that don't look like this:

Anything not of the orange-taffeta-big-bow-on-the-butt persuasion would please me, but to get something that would actually be worn again? Over and over until I'm so old and stout that the seams bust open on bingo night? How many bridesmaids can say that? Not many. Certainly not these poor souls:

Now scroll back up to the top and cleanse yourself of the eyebrow melting horror with that green beauty.

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