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I'd Like That In Red Dye No. 3, Please

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I have a red pea coat from Old Navy. I love red coats. I don't love red coats that bleed all over white shirts. Sadly, cheap coat = overexuberant red dye. This coat lasted me three years but I am considering abandoning it in favor of, well, another coat. One that won't spill its life blood out over my (slightly less than) pristine whiteness. I love this one from Posh Girl Vintage:

I would hesitate to get a vintage coat because vintage can be very delicate. My coats must battle it out on the tough San Francisco streets, streets where people bump into you and have, on occasion, been known to spill things. This is not an environment for the weak of thread.

I'm also partial to this one from Blue Fly:

White would be a poor choice when one spills more coffee than swallows. Perhaps I could dye it red. A plan guaranteed to fail. I won't be buying a coat until next year, anyway. A wise shopper would buy next year's coat at this year's sales. But I am not a wise shopper. Wise shoppers don't contemplate dumping a nice white coat into a vat of red dye, completely forgetting what the red dye did to their hair that time. Hair grows out. Coats do not.

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