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Carnivale of Couture: The Island of Superfantasticness

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Generally speaking, I wouldn't know couture if it knocked me over in the street and smothered me with suede. But my first word was "shoes" and my credit card statements prove my enduring love for sassy footwear. Manolo, shoe blogger extraordinaire, won my heart with his clever prose and excellent taste. And when your favorite shoe blogger invites you to a party - you just don't say no, people.

This week's carnivale of couture, hosted by Shangri Law, strands us at a lifelong party on The Island of Superfantasticness. Where we are all eternally superfantastic, with a little help from our also-conveniently-stranded suitcase of fashion necessities. We will now proceed to ignore the fact that my suitcase is more "battered backpack" than "Vuitton matched luggage" as well as the fact that I can't afford most of these versions of my fashion necessities. But here they are, and they rock that party isle.

1. No gorgeous sand babe is allowed on the beach without one of these - and we're all gorgeous sand babes here. That shade of orange will look particularly fetching next to the mostly naked island boy intent on feeding you roast pork and fanning your face with palm fronds (from BCBG via blue fly).

2. What sunny beach sojourn would be complete without...knee high black boots? If you've never pranced the seaside in these babies, you simply haven't lived. Perfect for stomping out the sand crabs for a nice hors d'oeuvres with your coconut cocktail. Michael Kors black suede Floozy boots. (They look fabulous with the bikini, by the way.)

3. When its time to lose the bathing suit and don the party duds, I love vintage. I would keel over in a drooling stupor without my vintage dresses. Delicate and a pain in the ass to wash, but oh-so-fabulous. Even in the sand. Besides, party islands come with personal slaves to do your handwashing. (No, it's true. I checked.)

4. To avoid resembling a pinkened shrimp, I never leave the house without this stuff - especially when sun bathing is on the menu (from Kiehl's).

5. Throw in my Lancome compact and a DuWop lip venom gloss in tulip and I am ready to do the island boogie all night long. (Or at least until the coconut cocktails kick in and I curl up under the buffet table.)

Now, please excuse me while I go search for my island boy and his roasted pork.

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