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Chloe Bag - Half Off

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If only. Oh, if only I had $800 extra dollars in my back pocket right now.

Chloe's Edith Satchel is on sale at Neiman Marcus for $808. That's half off. Simply gorgeous.

Any cash-laden men out there? Who can get past this whole mistaken train of thought: "Who needs an $800 bag to carry around a day planner and a wallet? Wouldn't a Trader Joe's tote do just as well? Why do you even need a day planner? Just do what I do and guess." If so and if you have a girlfriend who gives a flying fish about fashion, buy her this bag for Christmas. She'll love it. Guaranteed.

(I can say such a thing with a clear conscience because 1. My gift-giver doesn't read this blog. 2. I don't think any other men do either.... This doesn't mean I'm wrong.)

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