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I was recently made very jealous by Saint Mere and The Tale of the Bloomingdale's Sweater. Really, such things shouldn't be flaunted. (Says the hypocrite who would SO BE CROWING if she scored such a prize.) But my zen-like wisdom soon sent me floating to a higher plane, a plane where bodily needs are irrelevant and sweaters are unnecessary.

That sound you just heard was the resounding crash of my plummet back to reality. Cause, dude, it's cold in here.

Bluefly to the rescue in the form of a L.A.M.B. cashmere sweater with rhinestone buttons. (What sweater is complete without rhinestones? NONE, I TELL YOU!)

Edit: The monitor at work is so crappy that I didn't even see that big bow over the butt until I went home and took a look on my lovely (guaranteed crap-free) monitor. I am now feeling better about letting this sweater slide out of my grasp.

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