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This layering thing makes me a bit queasy. It means I can't just pull out a t-shirt and call myself dressed. I have to pull out a t-shirt and then a t-shirt to go over the t-shirt and then a sweater to put over my multiple shirts. And they have to match. Plus, all that extra laundry.

This is why I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt right now. One t-shirt.

But I do like the look of layering when it is done by stylists for glossy magazines. Stylists with lots of money and tools at their disposal can sure make women look good. So I have decided to slowly ease myself into the layering thing. Understand that I live in San Francisco and the most layering I ever do is in August when the fog is rolling in and I need a layer of fleece over my tank top. You Minnesotans are probably laughing at my layer angst right now. Rightfully so, as you wore more layers by the age of five than I have worn ever. I am jealous of your stellar layering abilities if not your icy windshields.

In order to practice layering, I was forced (forced, I tell you!) to buy this gray jumper from Anthropologie:

I have coveted it for a month and a half and after banking an extra paycheck for which I busted my cute ass, I decided to buy it. It's refreshing to be able to share clothing that I own, rather than clothing I just think looks pretty in the picture.

You're waiting for the layering, aren't you? This little jumper thing looks best over a t-shirt. It takes next to no brainpower to put a sweater over the whole shebang. I call this look Layering For Dummies.


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