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Sweater Dresses for Fall

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Or summer, if you happen to enjoy sleeping on a bed of rusty knife tips before an invigorating swim in lemon juice. No judgment here. If you don't choose procrastination in favor of donning hot, hairy outfits in 100 degree weather, here are my picks. No word on the effectiveness of air conditioning in the dressing rooms.

Note: sweater dresses are a definite trend but either my eye for a bargain has failed me or the cheaper outlets like Target and Forever 21 haven't yet caught on. All I found were high end versions. But if you find one you love and plan to wear it out this fall and winter, it may be worth a higher price.

This is a lovely red cashmere sweater dress from Bergdorf Goodman - the cowl neck and gorgeous color set it apart. It would be my pick, were I flush enough in the pockets for a $500 sweater. Which I'm not, so moving on...

I also love this cable knit from Ya Ya, made of alpaca wool with a nice scoop neck. In the $400 range. Which means we're getting closer to something one of us may actually buy...

This is a more reasonably priced (at least in comparison) dress from Anthropologie. The shape is nice, but might be a bit tricky off the hanger. Curvy women would probably do well in it. Try it on and let me know.

Poncho style in soft charcoal, this dress makes me want to curl up next to the fire with a book and a warm cookie.

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