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I found these skirts via the meandering path of the interweb. Susie Sunshine proclaimed her love for Libby Dibby's reversible wrap skirts and I was sold. Note: reversible wrap = two skirts in one, you dirty cheater. I am proud to say that I am a dirty cheater.

I am also lazy, another bad habit this skirt encourages. It takes about as much effort to put on as wrapping a towel around your waist. With the added advantage of not caring one damn bit if you go up or down a size. Too much fried mayonnaise? Just loosen that ribbon and have another potato chip! If you do go down a size, please don't tell me. I eat fried mayonnaise.

Lady Libby uses an A-line design with vintage fabrics, which delights my little vintage-loving self no end. After much hemming, hawing, and frantic up-and-down scrolling, I have determined that spring champagne is my favorite:

Libby Dibby graciously extended her 10 percent discount to you, my six Moose in the Closet readers. Simply use the "unpaid" code word to receive your deal. If you decide to get one, tell Lady Libby that you found it here. I just might get an extra five percent off that spring champagne skirt I will be buying when that paycheck comes in. I'm all about exploiting my fine readers. While wearing a cute skirt.


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