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This weekend found me eating fried mayonnaise and buying shoes in New York. The pleasure of finally wearing a pair of Campers outside the store was barely diluted by the fact that I couldn't get into the Christian Louboutin boutique on Madison. I think the rabid gleam in my eye convinced the sales women that my gun was larger than my disposable income. I can't say that instinct was entirely off base.

I tried to avoid too much shopping, given that my companion has a distressing lack of interest in shoes. But the miles and miles of window displays alone were worth any blisters. This red plaid dress from Intermix caught my eye at least three times as I wandered the city. My stellar taste has been confirmed by Budget Fashionista, who also featured this dress today.

It's Diane von Furstenberg for a pricey $500, which means it won't be gracing my closet any time soon. But the cut is gorgeous, the plaid is silk and the skirt is full. (This is especially pertinent if you, like me, indulge in fried mayonnaise.) Flattering for those who like plaid. Or those who don't like plaid, but are slaves to the trend machine that declares plaid is in.

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