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There's another Moose in the Closet. No, it's not Tom Cruise. I found Jason's site when I did a google search a few weeks after I started my Moose in the Closet, a spin off of my Moose in the Kitchen blog. I was fully bummed to find that someone had stolen the name before I had even thought of it. But I figured that the content was so vastly different that no one on this large interweb of ours could possibly get confused. My closeted moose persona started as a joke, a sublimation of my urge to shop and be unabashedly shallow. (I do like to be unabashedly shallow.)

Jason graciously decided to not make a fuss about it - as he probably could have, given that he had the name first. In fact, given our respective Moose identities, our identical ages, and the fact that we both started our blogs for the same reason, I'm beginning to think my parents are dirty rotten liars and separated us at birth. Probably best. I used to tie my younger brother to a tree and sent him to the emergency room on more than one occasion. You narrowly escaped your fate, Sir Jason.

I started Moose in the Kitchen to write every day and turn my very ordinary life into something that might reasonably entertain my three readers. Here's what Jason says about the origins of his Moose in the Closet: "The goal is to turn even the most trivial events into entertaining stories in an attempt to make an average life seem extraordinary."

The parents definitely have some explaining to do.

People coming here from Jason's site are not exactly my target audience. Seeing as you're mainly men and probably not too interested in cute little outfits. If you are, you're in an entirely different closet. However, feel free to cruise the underwear shots and redeem your masculinity. But check out Moose in the Kitchen. I do astoundingly stupid things that sometimes result in injury. Men (at least the ones I like) tend to identify with that.

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