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Marc Jacobs, Again

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I recently waxed philosophical about Marc Jacobs. Or, as philosophical as one can really get over pieces of cloth whose only real function is to keep you warm and decent. Is that blasphemy? That may actually be fashion blogging blasphemy. Not that I'm a fashion blogger. Fashion bloggers know trends from 1983, who designed those trends, and how those trends are applicable today. The extent of my fashion exposition can be encompassed in "Ooh! Pretty!"

Anyway. More Marc Jacobs. Because I'm loving the layers and the red shoes. Hey, look! Layers and red shoes! Awesome. I'm even enjoying the shorts. It's been a long, hard slog, getting me to appreciate the shorts.

Less on the layering, more on the pseudo-safari, mostly urban, kind of military look. That's really quite a look - and more fully explicates my inability to do much in the way of fashion commentary. Sateen jacquard jacket and faille skirt - I also feel uneasy about my inability to define either jacquard or faille. Perhaps I need to take cloth less seriously. Especially as cloth is unlikely to ever hire me and give me dental.

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