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I would now like to compose an ode to shiny dresses.


Fine. I'm not so good with odes. I'm better at shopping than composing verse. Though I do seem to recall a poem about bell peppers that won me much coveted praise from my senior year English teacher. Yes, I am a geek. I would like to be a shiny geek wearing this silk dress:

Or a Jackie O. geek wearing this belted jacket and plisse skirt.

What, exactly, is plisse? I assume it's a type of material, probably a type of a fancier nature than polyester, given the general price of these garments. I could just look it up, but what fun would that be? No fun at all. I prefer to make up a little story about Monsieur Plisse who invented this fabric in 1725, when his small, cabbage-shaped dog peed all over the bolts of cloth lying about his tailor shop. I am assuming that plisse really has nothing to do with canine urine.

Both from Akris.

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