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Etsy is an excellent provider of the handmade clutches of whimsy. That sounds almost menacing doesn't it? Tuck in your shirt and brush your teeth or you will be visited by the HANDMADE CLUTCHES OF WHIMSY! Cue fainting and fleeing. Anyway, Etsy is an excellent provider of handmade most anything, but I am partial to the clutches. So much more interesting than the black leather wallet I insist on carrying around.

This is an ant I actually WANT in my house. All ants should be so sweet and turquoise. Ant Clutch ($25) is felt with matching turquoise lining.

I love the Japanese printed twill with fruit trees and small pink birds. Whimsy doesn't get much better than that. Green Trees wallet pouch, ($14).

Asymmetrical denim print clutch ($19), lined with Nigerian print.

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