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I am enamored of black, high spiky heel, peep-toe, mary jane type shoes. The only way that description could be more convoluted is if I added the cost ratio divided by the population of New Guinea and presented my findings as a scientific paper to a trio of spectacle-wearing ducks.

That's incomprehensible, isn't it? I don't start making sense until I've had three cups of coffee. (I'm holding strong at one and a half, if you're interested.)

Here is a gorgeous patent leather version (Christian Louboutin, $785):

Here is a very similar pair in black suede (on sale at Max Studio for $88):

Both are stunning shoes. Both will win you compliments on your legs (from the men folk) and on your shoe collection (from the women). One also allows you to pay your rent. Which we like, because those shoes would hurt after a few hours pushing a shopping cart full of all your worldly goods. I am all for quality and would truly, truly love a pair of Christian Louboutins one day in the far-flung future. But for those of us budgetary type people, Max Studio is a fine substitute. At least until those dreams of becoming the next Danielle Steele come to fruition.

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