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Shopbop Sale, Part 2

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Shopbop, how I love thee. I love your sales even more because that's the only time I can even dream about affording anything you offer. Kids, don't ever become an arts writer if you like clothes. You will be buying your jeans at Old Navy. And you will be glad, because the only other option is to run about in the altogether and 1. it's just too damn cold for such nonsense, and 2. no one wants to see that.

Gorgeous, gorgeous. Who doesn't want a cashmere skirt? I ask you. Unique style, cozy drape. Yum. Karl Lagerfeld cashmere skirt, on sale for $148.

Not everyone can pull off this look. I certainly can't and was undecided for a long while as to whether or not I would even want to. This photo proves that 1. this particular set of legs can pull it off and 2. I do like it. Very sleek. adam + eve pinstripe herringbone work pant, on sale for $82.50.

I am cringing as I look at this, thinking of the cold artic breezes that would waft up this skirt. I'm thinking that you aren't supposed to wear it any time artic breezes are a possibility. Joie lightweight gauze southside dress, on sale for $157.50.

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