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I recently paid upwards $20 for lip balm. ($22.50, to be exact.) In my (rather weak) defense, Fresh Sugar lip balm is the lip balm of the gods. Seriously. Hera endorses it. Zeus sneaks into her makeup bag, looks furtively both ways, then slathers it on so his lips are moist and plump before dining on ambrosia in the God Hall.

This stuff has SPF 15 (I was feeling insecure about the lack of SPF on my lips) and sugar. Who knew lip balm had sugar? If you're raising your hand, DEAR GOD, WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME EARLIER? It appears to have such random ingredients as blackcurrant oil and grapeseed poly-somethings. All I know is that it heals chapped lips right up, smells awesome, and is expected to keep my lips from withering up and falling off.


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