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Essay on the Magnificence and Munificence of Circles

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When you hear the word "applique" you immediately think "quilting," "prune juice," and "dear god, I hope she doesn't put her teeth on the dining room table again," don't you? I'm happy to report that your secret adoration of the applique can now be ushered out of the closet, because these babies are no longer the sole domain of your great aunt Bessie. Round appliques are a quietly circling (ahem) trend that you probably won't see plastered on the cover of Vogue or prancing past you on the street six times a day.

Here are just a few reasons why I like me the circles (reasons, I would like it noted, that are entirely seperate from the fact that cookies are circles):

Cacharel Satin Circle Dress, $455, available here.

Melissa Odabash Monaco Short Kaftan, $480, available here.

Rebecca Turbow Turquoise Shift, $180, available here.

Pop Art Dress, $129, available here.

For the bonus round of circled goodness, feast your eyes on the Chocolate Wool Dotted Bucket Hat, $48, available here.


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