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I Promised Cheap White Bags, Didn't I?

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Yes, I do believe I did. Therefore. White bags that don't require the sale of your first-born:

It's vinyl, which accounts for the price and also allows you to casually wipe off the hollandaise sauce while continuing your conversation, rather than panicking and maybe shrieking incoherently because LEATHER, OH MY EXPENSIVE LEATHER! Quilted start tote, $22.50 from Delia's.

I really like the design details on this one. In fact, I may have to go out and buy it. Hell, my library fines are more expensive than this bag. Accent handbag, $25 from Isaac Mizrahi for Target.

If vinyl isn't for you, but neither is a $1400 price tag, try the Seaport market tote, $248 from J Crew. Luxury leather and antiqued brass hardware at one fourth of the price of these babies.

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