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I have often wanted to address the rampant consumerism that populates this blog. But is it really consumerism if I don't actually buy anything? If I mostly just like it because it's pretty? Hard to say. Especially as my greedy little heart would have spasms if any of this just appeared in my closet. Without the resulting credit card bills.

Because I am a slothful lump who would rather eat almonds and read the Fug girls than explain this for myself, I refer you to this post over at Bunnyshop. She is quite witty and erudite in the explication of the fashion/shopping blog.

And, because the last post was abysmally picture poor, here is a photo of a lovely Nancy Gonzalez bag. I admit to not quite understanding these bags (why is the skin of a large lizard luxurious? discuss), but are stunning nonetheless.


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