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Shoe Trends: Part 2

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My shoes tend to run red. Were this 1872, I would be an official hussy. Living in the right century means not only do I get red, I get shiny red. And, people, life is good in shiny red shoes.

Patent wedge ($710): I like everything I put on this blog o' rampant consumerism, but I lust for these. I would buy this gorgeous pair of Christian Louboutins faster than you can say "debilitating credit card debt" if only my guilt-ridden conscience would let me. It won't. Good for my future financial stability, bad for my closet.

Marilyn Peep-toe ($395): Garish fire engine red totally works for Dolce and Gabbana. Not sure how they manage that. Is it the black piping? Do they rub the leather with money? Why would these be awful at Ross but oh-so-fabulous from a recognizable fashion house? Is this snobbery? Or simple quality? Oh, the (unfortunately rhetorical) questions.

Patent ballerina flat ($235): I can see how these wouldn't work for a lot of people. My own response to Marc Jacobs's shoes is often "Jesus Christ on a cupcake! Hideous dominatrix elf shoes!" But I am, this very moment, trying to convince myself of how much I need these. I love the rose grosgrain against the cranberry patent leather and the cut-out below the bow.

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