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If Shoes Grew On Trees

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These are the shoes I'd be plucking from the magical Shoe Tree branches. After fighting off all the other broke women with excellent taste. When Christian Louboutin comes out with a seasonally renewing shoe tree, that's when I'll be whipping out my credit card and figuring out that whole gardening thing. For now, I'll just wish they were $250 cheaper.

If you don't need a shoe tree, head to Blue Fly. This is why we love Blue Fly - anywhere else and I'd have to wish they were $400 cheaper. Blue Fly makes my internet shopping dreams feel that much closer. Come to think of it, it's rather torturous. Stop already. Stop with the promotions and the 10 percent off and the making me think I could possibly be well-dressed at some point in my misbegotten life.

Sigh. But look at those shoes. Just lovely.

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