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I want to horde this secret, hugging it close to my greedy chest, sharing my knowledge only with the 9 million other women across America who check blue fly on a regular basis. But I have decided to be generous and share this nugget with you, my dear readers. Generosity is easy when your total readership equals 3 on a good day. The keepers of this secret now number 9,000,003.

Ever wonder about all the fuss over those expensive luxury handbags? If you're like me you do. If you're not like me (meaning you didn't just fall off the turnip truck from Ross), you may have actually touched one of these bags with your own clean, manicured fingers. And you know precisely what all the fuss is about. Blue fly is doing me and my turnip truck compadres a favor (in a highly clever marketing campaign) by bringing these luxury bags to the masses. Or at least the 45 lucky winners, one a day for 45 days at the handbag giveaway.

I want one. If you win, you have to promise to tell me. If I win, expect ecstatic postings to that effect sometime in the near future.

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