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Like Spanish, neutrals are supposed to be easy. Spanish was not easy. But that, my friends, is because I am neither linguistically blessed nor prone to paying attention in class. Neutrals in the shoe and bag department have typically been brown or black and, sadly for those of us who claim to be smart, not as straightforward as one might assume. No, we're not talking rocket science but there is always that moment when you're dashing to and fro getting ready, your mind is otherwise occupied, you throw on your black coat on your way out the door and realize your brown boots now clash. You don't change because you don't have time and you figure that in the great scheme of things it doesn't matter. At all. And then you spend the entire day cringing when you pass reflective surfaces.

Don't do that. Do this instead:

(patent d'Orsay pump from Manolo Blahnik)

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